Chen Landau

From the engaging sessions, to the diverse attendees, the hilarious 70s-themed “Geek Out” and meeting passionate peers at “Dinner with Strangers” while enjoying the local Denver fare, I have to hand it to the organizers – BriForum Denver 2015 delivered a fun, interactive and enlightening three days chock-full of value.
The energy and enthusiasm at the Westin Denver conference hall rarely subsided and was as ubiquitous as the end-user computing and enterprise mobility topics you could hear being talked about no matter which way you turned. At our booth we were able to shed some intel on Nubo Virtual Mobile Infrastructure to the many VDI connoisseurs, virtualization junkies and EMM pros, who were curious to better understand how VMI could help them jump their current and future enterprise mobility hurdles with flying colors.
BriForum gave me a great opportunity to grasp just how well people in the industry understand how VMI works, what distinguishes it from other application virtualization approaches, and where it could most impact their overall mobility strategy.
Understandably, many attendees who were used to the desktop virtualization school of thought were not yet aware that with VMI an Android mobile OS, not Windows, is being remotely extended to mobile devices. Running Android from the server gives you access to all of the apps your employees are downloading from Google Play Store these days on both their Android phones and iPhones. This makes it much easier to deploy corporate mobile apps regardless of device platform. Development teams no longer have to create apps for multiple OSs – create a single Android app for everyone and you’re ready to go.
VMI also makes BYOD much more attractive and less contentious for your end-users. First, they get to work apps that were actually built for a mobile interface, and benefit from the high-quality user experience they’re already used to on their smartphones and tablets. Gone are the days of making the best of cumbersome, awkward desktop apps being crammed into their smaller interface. That means they’re much more likely to embrace BYOD and use these productivity tools more often. That productivity will also be boosted because the privacy issue is essentially taken off the table.

For high-security and regulated enterprises, VMI BriForum_Chen_Israelis a complete game-changer since zero corporate data ever gets saved on the mobile device. Lost phones don’t have to be wiped, and the security environment is completely controlled at the corporate-level.

Unlike app wrapping and software development kits provided by MAM technologies, VMI lets IT keep enterprise data away from mobile device security risks and vulnerabilities in a seamless and unfettered way.
But above all, people that visited the Nubo exhibit were most itching to see the performance of remote mobile apps up close and personal. I always get a kick out of watching people’s reactions when first playing with the Nubo thin client app, and seeing their surprise at the native mobile look and feel, uncompromised response time and smooth functionality of mobile sensors like the camera, location, GPS, NFC, proximity, movement, angular rotation.
In the end, we truly believe that the value VMI can bring to the mobile enterprise is only as good as its remote display protocol. Only a protocol that can achieve the same end-user experience as native mobile apps can enhance enterprise mobility and BYOD initiatives in the way they need to going forward.
It’s because of this that our R&D and engineering team spent two years developing, evaluating and optimizing our UX over IP protocol to produce minimal latency and unmatched response time. With a peak bandwidth efficiency running at 250 Kbps, users can depend on extremely reliable performance regardless of any fluctuations or drops in cellular bandwidth – and one that works on both 3G and 4G networks.
Our team has optimized VM servers for scalability so that Nubo can support tens of thousands of concurrent sessions. Enterprises can also opt to either run Nubo on-premise or on our secured cloud.
It was great to see people walking away with a clearer picture of the impact Nubo can make for their business. I look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces at next year’s event. Missed the conference this time out? Experience Nubo VMI for yourself by downloading a free trial.