Nubo VMI enables uncompromised enterprise mobility with these key features:

  • 100% Secured and remote mobile work environment

    With a mobile OS hosted on Nubo’s secured cloud or your enterprise server, we’ve replaced your physical corporate device with a virtual device you completely control. Our unique remote display protocol reflects all apps and files to users without leaving any trace of data on their mobile devices.

  • One seamless native mobile workspace for all employees

    Employees enjoy the ease and convenience of having their entire workspace on their personal smartphone or tablet – all in one user-friendly app.

  • Business-class apps, email, calendar, OfficeSuite,
    Messenger and much more…

    Nubo’s out-of-the-box suite gives your mobile users the tools they need to communicate and collaborate in real time.

  • Access to more than 1.5 million Android apps

    Drag and drop any Android app in the market to your remote environment — and deploy the best apps for your business.

  • Personal storage

    Handle all user files remotely without being restricted by available data on their personal devices.

  • iOS & Android support

    Whether your employees are using iOS or Android™ based devices, you manage one remote workspace compatible with both.

  • Control Panel, full management on the cloud

    Upload APKs, deploy apps to custom-defined users and groups and administrate access for your entire user base from any smartphone, tablet or HTML5 browser.

  • Immediately connect or disconnect devices

    Administrate access for every device and user instantly. Disconnect lost devices while allowing employees with multiple devices to continue working without disruption.

  • Seamless integration with your email Exchange server & Active Directory

    Nubo fully integrates with your Microsoft Exchange Sync, Active Directory, network drives and One-Time Password (OTP) solutions. Learn more here >