Nubo VMI: The Future for Mobile Enterprises is Now

Delivering top business-class apps to mobile employees holds significant opportunities for enterprises, but mobile endpoints have also introduced major information security risks that threaten to breach critical proprietary data and jeopardize compliance.

Tackling this new reality has also added significant cost and burden to mobile app development, testing and deployment (app life cycle management), IT management, maintenance and hardware.

Device security is not the answer – Not now, not ever.

The first generation of mobility solutions focused on managing end user devices. But they haven’t changed the fundamental truth: You can’t fully secure personal devices. Containers have failed to provide sufficient security for data-rich apps and forced enterprises to deploy a limited selection of apps to users. This has compromised mobility and produced user privacy issues, low adoption and worse yet shadow IT practices that have created new security risks. App compatibility issues with user OSs and devices have burdened development and IT resources. Wrapping apps has also sacrificed usability for app-level security, but these apps are still stored on employee devices and targeted by a constant stream of threats. These approaches have created as many problems as they have solutions for enterprises. For a truly holistic solution enterprises must be able to port apps and data to employee devices without leaving a trace on devices.

Leave Zero Data Footprint with Virtual Mobile Devices

Nubo has pioneered Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) to bring enterprise mobility into the next generation. VMI effectively enables enterprises to run a virtual mobile device from the data center. A remote Android platform that is compatible with all iOS and Android devices allows IT and app development teams to develop apps once only for all users. Apps are streamed as a display to devices using Nubo’s patented UX over IP protocol. Users access their work apps via a thin, display-only client. Zero data is ever stored on the end user’s device: Only display commands are transferred from the remote server to the thin client app.

Since the entire corporate environment is remote, enterprises can make available any Android app in the market without any wrapping or modification. The weak link in enterprise security — mobile devices — is taken out of the equation. Enterprises control 100% of their data while giving mobile employees unrestricted freedom and access to the apps that matter.

Nubo VMI: The Holistic Enterprise Mobility Solution

By moving the entire corporate environment to a secured cloud or on-premises server, enterprises solve their most critical mobility management issues. With Nubo VMI corporations can deliver more apps faster, enable unprecedented productivity and security and cut needless spend on hardware:

Data Security

  • Zero footprint on devices — 100% separation of personal and corporate data
  • IT no longer needs to manage device security

Data Security

  • Zero footprint on devices — 100% separation of personal and corporate data
  • IT no longer needs to manage device security

IT Administration

Leverage one user-friendly control
panel for all users:

  • Add/remove apps
  • Connect/disconnect devices
  • Apply software patches and updates

Hardware & Software Costs

  • Eliminate device inventory
  • Cut hardware costs by 90%
  • Minimize licensing fees
  • Reduce Appdev, testing and maintenance

App Lifecycle Management

  • Create each app just once for all devices
  • No modification or app wrapping required
  • Install and deploy any Android app in the market


  • Boost adoption and productivity by:
  • Choosing from an unlimited selection of apps
  • Delivering consistent and native mobile UX


  • Remove the onus of BYOD compliance from users by keeping all data remote
  • Leave no trace for hackers, malware and malicious apps
  • Allow users to access both personal and work apps while ensuring privacy