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Nubo’s Virtual Mobile Infrastructure creates a virtual corporate device on your employee smartphones and tablets. Deliver any mobile app while keeping 100% of the data on your remote server. Enable unlimited mobility without leaving any data at risk.

Redefine your enterprise mobility capabilities with:

Inherently Secure Mobile App Management

Zero data ever rests on devices. Your entire mobile OS and apps are located where your security is most resilient – your data center. Deliver apps with no wrapping, containers or modifications required. Keep corporate and personal environments separate without compromising user privacy.

Unlimited Mobile Enablement

Remotely stream any Android app in the market to any device. Give your employees unrestricted access to key business apps that fuel productivity and yield results for your business. Stop sacrificing user experience for security.

One Platform for All Devices

Manage one central remote platform to develop, deploy and support apps. Your employees may use any iOS or Android™ based device, but you manage one workspace compatible with both. Users work with the same apps and files and receive a native mobile experience.

Greater Efficiency & Reduced Costs

Systematically streamline app management and lower expenses by 70%. Reduce app development resources and go to market faster. Cut hardware costs by 90% and save time and resources on device overhead and maintenance.


Cloud or On-Premise? It’s your Choice.



Nubo runs on all virtual machines. Whether you’re focused on end-to-end control or maximum scalability and speedy deployment, your virtual mobile infrastructure delivers utter security and peace of mind.


Industries with maximum security requirements are using VMI technology: