Spyware-Proof Mobile Device

Finally, a smartphone that is fully protected against spyware attacks!

Nubo introduces a secure smartphone that stores zero data on the device and is equipped with the most advanced spyware protection technology. PrivateFone is designed to reduce the attack surface to nearly zero.

If you are seriously concerned about mobile spyware that can track your data and activities, PrivateFone was created for just that.


With PrivateFone, you will be getting:

  • Secure and untraceable smartphone device.
  • Remote VMI environment with a thin client app.
  • 0% data on your actual smartphone.
  •  App installation is totally blocked on the physical device.
  •  Virtual phone number to communicate privately (original phone app is disabled).
  •  The most useful communication apps available inside PrivateFone virtual device.
Important: PrivateFone is designed to work without Internet access to allow utmost security, thus the popular non-private apps (e.g. Facebook, Google apps, etc.) are eliminated from the device.

Best Value Protection Package:

        • Pixel 6 mobile phone
        • Secure mobile OS
        • VMI subscription for 36 months

Total: $1,850

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