What is mobile spyware and what are the risks involved?

Today, smartphones of all types can easily get infected by spyware software. Such spyware extracts sensitive information, such as your chat history, call logs and call recordings, and sends it directly to the attacker. Although such activity is illegal, it’s very hard to either track the attackers or even know you’ve been infected. As a result, data theft has become more and more popular among business competitors, or any other sources that can personally gain from using your private information.

What if your mostly used apps could be securely kept in a safe haven?



With PrivateFone, you create your own private identity and communicate privately and securely, without ever leaving a trace in the actual mobile device. 

  • All your call data, messages, photos and notes are kept in a secure virtual phone and can be erased at any given time.
  • A designated phone number to communicate privately inside the PrivateFone network.
  • 0% information is stored on your actual smartphone. If your phone falls into the wrong hands, no one will ever find any data on the device.
  • The most useful apps used to communicate with each other are available inside PrivateFone.

Choose between two PrivateFone options:

The PrivateFone App

Security level: Medium

The PrivateFone app can be installed in any Android device directly from Google Play. Once the app is installed, all information in the app is protected against data theft. However, the device itself is not protected against spyware.

Dedicated and Secure PrivateFone Smartphone

Security level: High

A smartphone device that has a secure operating system that can only run the PrivateFone app. Not only is all the communication protected against Spyware, but the device itself is also protected.

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