Our History

Enabling a fully safe and productive mobile enterprise

Simplifying IT management and redefining the enterprise and customer experience was always the driving passion for CEO Israel Lifshitz. Having founded ITSM leader SysAid in 2002, he experienced first-hand the advantages and challenges posed by the new era of mobile computing.

This new era would demand access to mobile-first applications on consumer smartphones and tablets, holding major implications for mobile strategy and data security. CIOs and CISOs were faced with a substantial new problem to solve: How to ensure a fully safe and productive enterprise. A holistic solution to this problem would need to incorporate all aspects of strategic mobility, including mobile app development and deployment, scalability, security, IT management and user experience.

Nubo was founded in 2011 precisely to provide an utterly secure and remote enterprise solution that lets organizations deliver unlimited mobility and uncompromised performance without storing any data footprint on devices. Harnessing VMI technology bridges the gap between information security, engineering teams, IT departments and increasingly mobile employees.

Keeping corporate environments remote makes mobile app lifecycle management simpler and more efficient, and allows enterprises to securely stream any app to any device, maximize mobile productivity and own 100% of the data.