UX over IP:

The Difference is in the Performance

Two Steps Forward: You No Longer Have to Sacrifice User Experience for Security

From the very beginning, Nubo has set out to give mobile end users the experience they’ve come to expect when interacting with their favorite mobile apps. Virtualizing native mobile apps that deliver uncompromised performance allows enterprises to deliver an end product that their users will embrace and adopt.

Communication Protocols Are Not All Created Equally

While it may still be common to find standard remote display protocols such as H.264 being used for mobile virtualization, today’s smartphones and tablets have specific needs that current remote display protocols can’t fulfill.

At Nubo’s core is the belief that technological innovation must be tailored from the ground up around the needs of today’s mobile end users. The culmination of over two years of R&D engineering in collaboration with product and UX optimization, UX over IP has been developed and continuously optimized to blend effortlessly with all iOS, Android and HTML5-supported devices.

UX Over IP delivers:

  • Automatic adaptation to any device’s display size
  • Native touch functionality
  • Fast response time
  • Integration with mobile sensors including GPS, NFC, proximity, movement and angular rotation, and camera
  • Minimal latency
  • Bandwidth efficiency — maintaining peak performance at 250 Kilo bits per second
  • Uncompromised virtual device image resolution
  • Performance on 3G networks and above

A Remote Display Protocol Made for the Mobile User

The result is a unique client rendering protocol that gives users the control, speed and user-friendly experience expected from native apps on the device — only they’re not. With remarkably efficient bandwidth consumption that matches and often exceeds native applications, Nubo maintains high performance on even weak or busy data networks. UX Over IP transitions seamlessly between wireless and cell networks, giving you convenience and reliability while you’re on-the-move. Whether you’re switching between cellular zones or moving from a 3G connection to a home wireless network, Nubo maintains a pristine connection.

Security Simplified: One Flat Protocol for One Virtual Device

With Nubo VMI, only One Flat Protocol is needed to transfer display commands that render your virtual device as a flat and non-analyzable display on client devices. Your IT no longer needs to secure multiple protocols for multiple apps, nor does it need to devote substantial time and resources securing VPN tunnels. With Nubo, you can securely and efficiently stream your entire remote workspace to your users with confidence.