Our Mission: An Utterly Mobile & Secure Enterprise

The first company to develop Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) for enterprise mobility, Nubo Software has created one, secured remote virtual workspace that is tailor-made for today’s mobile workforce. From inception, Nubo’s VMI technology was built around mobile computing needs and founded on a data-centric approach to enterprise security.

Nubo was founded in 2011 by Israel Lifshitz, founder and CEO of SysAid, an ITSM solution used by over 100,000 companies worldwide. Nubo’s innovative approach to mobile security stores zero data on personal devices while providing users with a native app experience and the freedom to choose their own applications. With Nubo, corporations own their data and applications, and employees own their devices. Users from enterprise organizations can work on their personal devices with security, fun and great ease of use. At the same time, IT can easily manage every work environment of every employee in the organization, making mobility management and data compliance easy.