Nubo New Release 3.0

Nubo is happy to introduce the release of its new major version 3.0 with significant remote display protocol enhancements, as well as a new web-based admin console and new authentication capabilities.

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - Mar-24-2021

Island by Nubo – Where Isolated Web Comes Alive

Nubo released Island – Web Isolation Mobile App. The secure browser protects users from all kinds of malicious content, while religiously keeping users’ privacy

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - Nov-06-2017

Nubo New Release 1.6 (October, 2017)

Nubo is proud to announce the release of its new version 1.6 , with OpenGL apps (i.e. extended graphic support) as well as extended support for mobile web browsers

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - Oct-26-2017

Nubo will present the first multi-tenant platform for virtual mobile apps at the Mobile World Congress

Nubo is inviting you to come and meet us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and watch our multi-tenant Virtual Mobile Infrastructure solution in action

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - Feb-22-2017

Nubo Winter 2017 Release

Nubo is proud to announce the release of its new version, with extended support for web apps and unveil its new real-time dashboard and reports.

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - Jan-19-2017

VMI in Action: Enabling Secure Defense Mobility

Learn more about how Virtual Mobile Infrastructure is empowering secure classified mobile communications for the Israel Defense Forces with the top mobile apps in the market.

Lilach ShovalBy Lilach Shoval - Jul-01-2016

A Cure for Healthcare’s Cyber Breach Epidemic

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure VMI takes mobile endpoints out of the security equation for IT and the burden of security out of employees’ hands, freeing medical staff to focus on what they do best: patient care.

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - Jun-27-2016

Remote Working: How to Keep Data Safe

In today’s era of telecommuters and continuously connected employees, businesses must enable mobility while preventing data breaches. By going virtual they can move forward securely.

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - Jun-22-2016

Nubo Announces New Security and Bandwidth Efficiency Tools

Nubo has further refined its recognized UX over IP remote display protocol and released new security management features.

Elizabeth O DowdBy Elizabeth O Dowd - May-19-2016

Nubo Enhances Mobile Bandwidth Efficiency and Adds New Security Features

Nubo’s upgraded communications protocol delivers better and more efficient performance for users, while IT receives new security management capabilities.

Israel LifshitzBy Israel Lifshitz - May-19-2016