Island by Nubo – Where Isolated Web Comes Alive

Nubo is proud to release the first of its kind – Web Isolation Mobile App. The app protects users from all kinds of malicious content, while religiously keeping users’ privacy.


The app uses Nubo’s Virtual Mobile Infrastructure technology, to securely run the web engine in an isolated server, in the cloud, while sending the display stream to a thin client app. Any malicious code or file is kept in a remote sandbox, and in no way, interacts or harms the users’ devices or apps.


Island by Nubo doesn’t only keep your privacy, but actually allows you to become invisible by protecting users’ IP addresses, using a fresh browser, with neither cookies, other footprints, and past browsing history. All data is wiped out 5 minutes after you leave the app, leaving no trace whatsoever.

Island protects and secures:

  • Open un-trusted links, received with emails or other social apps.
  • Downloaded content from the Internet.
  • Your identity and other private information.
  • Highly protected corporate devices (inside the corporate network) that access public websites.

An android app is available in the Google Play store. Nubo is planning to release an iOS version soon.

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