Nubo New Release 1.6 (October, 2017)


Nubo is happy to introduce the release of its new version, to include: support for OpenGL apps (i.e. extended graphic support), as well as extended support for mobile web browsers.


Now, the Virtual Mobile Infrastructure platform is compatible with almost all Android and Web apps; even ones that require high performance graphics and the latest web technologies.


In this new release, Nubo added the following virtual apps to its platform:

  • Gallery app – allows secure access and storage of photos in the virtual environment.
  • File browser app – enables accessing corporate files securely.
  • Secure browser – provides maximum security when browsing both intranet and Internet web sites and apps.


As always, this release comes with performance improvements to the UXIP protocol, security enhancements and other usability enhancements.

You can find the release notes at: Nubo Release 1.6

The new version is available on both cloud and on premise.  The updated Nubo mobile thin app clients can be found in the app stores at: Apple App Store and Google Play.

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