Nubo Enhances Mobile Bandwidth Efficiency and Adds New Security Features

NEW YORK – May 19, 2016 – Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) pioneer Nubo has just completed enhancements to its recognized UX over IP remote display protocol and released new security management features to its remote workspace app.

Already proven to perform effectively on low bandwidth networks, Nubo’s UX over IP protocol has been further enhanced to automatically, dynamically and constantly detect the bandwidth and quality of each mobile device’s communications channel. This enables enterprises to detect and avoid data bottlenecks and improved bandwidth efficiency by capitalizing on available device bandwidth. As a result, mobile teleworkers receive optimal performance and user experience.

The UX over IP protocol stores zero data on mobile devices and transmits only command-and control-level data from the server to the device. This allows enterprises to deliver any Android app in the market to iOS, Android and HTML5-supported devices. Supporting mobile sensors such as touch, motion, GPS, orientation and camera, the remote protocol has demonstrated quality performance at a peak rate of just 250 Kilobits per second (Kbps).

Nubo has further optimized its UX over IP remote display protocol, enhancing the overall performance, speed and user experience of applications delivered from its remote mobile platform.

Nubo’s Control Panel app for administrators has been updated with several new management features that let IT better define authentication processes and apply more granular security policies. With the latest features, administrators can:

  • Set manual controls for user activation requests. IT can manually inspect all incoming requests to ensure only qualified users and devices obtain access.
  • Greater define rules and parameters to strengthen password security for the Nubo app.
  • Block or allow access according to device hardware manufacturer and modelBroadcast messaging to select users.

The first enterprise mobility provider in the world to develop VMI, Nubo leaves zero digital footprint on devices, allowing highly regulated enterprises in finance, healthcare, government and legal to remotely deliver apps with no wrapping or modifications required.

Having secured a $7M Series A investment in January from Magma Venture Partners and Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, Nubo is expanding its marketing, sales and support services.

About Nubo

The first company to develop Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) for enterprise mobility, Nubo Software has created one, secured remote virtual workspace that is tailor-made for today’s mobile workforce. With Nubo, corporations own their data and applications, and employees own their devices. Founded in 2011 by Israel Lifshitz, founder of SysAid Technologies, Nubo’s innovative approach to mobile security stores zero data on personal devices while providing users with a native app experience and the freedom to choose their own applications.

About Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI)

VMI technology affords enterprises a higher layer of security that completely separates corporate and personal environments without infringing on employee privacy. Because the corporate environment is controlled in one remote platform, IT can develop and manage just one customized app for any Android, iOS or HTML5-supported device. Enterprises no longer have to spend significant resources securing devices because they can simply be disconnected from access to the remote environment.

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