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The Nubo blog covers the enterprise cloud from a unique angle. Where else can you read about the “death of MDM” and “how to prevent the next Snowden scandal?” Introducing Nubo’s greatest hits!

MDM is Dead, Long Live the Cloud – We kicked off the Nubo blog with a blunt piece written by CEO Israel Lifshitz. Sometimes, the truth hurts. MDM is dead and BYOD’s answer is found in the cloud. This article was also featured in Wired.

The Boss Forced This Android Developer to Stand in a Booth and Sell for a Day – In February, Nubo Android Developer Asi Mugrabi wrote a colorful story on his day at CyberTech 2014. Asi was “thrown in the water” and forced to do marketing and speak to dozens of people. He had a great time and swears he wants to do it again!

The Perfect Recipe to Prevent the Next Snowden Scandal – In March, Wired and Nubo published Israel Lifshitz’s thoughts on preventing the next Snowden and Wikileaks scandals. Hint – while it is impossible to prevent every single data leak, the answer lies in the cloud.

How to Ensure BYOD Security While Giving Your Employees Freedom – In this must-read article, Israel offers 5 essential tips on maintaining data security within a freedom-based BYOD program. This article was also published in BusinessNewsDaily.

The Not So Ominous Government Cloud – If you work in IT security in a government or military organization, you can’t afford to miss this one – 2014 will be the year that government begins its trek to the secure cloud. Instead of discussing the “ifs,” it is time to discuss the “hows.”

Android Based VDI Leaps From the Shadows and Saves Enterprise IT – Some great quotes in this one! “VDI has had more ups and downs than a struggling comedian. VDI is like a star quarterback who never made it to the Superbowl. What’s the point of having a thin client connecting to a fat server?! Like in an OSCAR winning action movie, VDI leaps from the shadows and saves the day at the last minute! VDI never died, it was just waiting for mobile technology all these years!”

We hope you enjoy reading articles on the Nubo blog. There’s a lot more where these came from!

Kenny Sahr

Are you ready to take your BYOD expertise to the next level? It’s time to go beyond the online tech magazines and join the BYOD discussions on social networks. On the social networks, you will discover a more fluid BYOD conversation. This is the best place to learn about BYOD’s challenges, written in simple English.

After researching BYOD on social networks, I found that LinkedIn is by far the best place to go. There are dozens of BYOD discussion groups on LinkedIn and the maturity level is much higher than on other social networks. Here are the biggest and best BYOD discussion groups on LinkedIn:

K-12 BYOD – 6,767 members. Founder and Manager: Tom Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer at Bradford Networks.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device – 6063 members. Founder and Manager: Raymon Busser, Corporate Account Manager at Acer.

Enterprise Mobility, BYOD, and Analytics – 1,295 members. Founder and Manager: Rob Howes, Financial Services Sales Professional.

BYOD Consortium – 1,172 members. Founder and Manager: Jeff Machtig, Inventor Entrepreneur Co-Founder of DVE Telepresence.

BYOD Community – 773 members. Founder and Manager: Ben Ayed, CTO at Secure Access Technologies.

Going past LinkedIn, Twitter has two BYOD hashtags worth watching – #byod (130,000 followers) and #bringyourowndevice (3,273 followers). Search for them on Twitter. Don’t forget to visit Nubo on Twitter!

PInterest has one great link full of infographics here, with a large focus on BYOD in education and the classroom. Speaking of infographics, Google Images has the best collection on the internet.

Finally, YouTube has hundreds of BYOD videos. There is so much terrific BYOD information out there – what are you waiting for?!

Kenny Sahr

The consumer cloud is alive and kicking thanks to the success of Dropbox, Google Drive and many other amazing products. The triumph of the consumer cloud is also the triumph of a few other big ideas which will have a huge impact in 2014.

The Successful Freemium Business Model

A classic example of the “freemium” business model can be found in the App and Play Stores. Many apps have two versions – free and pay. Users download the free version and are tempted to buy the pay version. Freemium apps offer an easy path from free to pay – if you have a great product.

The freemium business model is finding another huge success in the consumer cloud. Dropbox offers 5 GB for free and 100 GB for $9.99 a month. Google users get 15 GB for free and 100 GB for $1.99 a month. For $9.99 a month, you can have 1 TB (!!) of drive space on Google.

You are given an excellent product from day one for free and are tempted to spend $2-$10 a month on a much bigger and better product. Both services are always improving their free and pay products. Freemium in the cloud is a win-win situation for everyone.

When high tech business teams decide which business model to emulate, they will no doubt be looking at freemium model that had its biggest success in the consumer cloud.

App Data is Moving to the Cloud

We’re only in the beginning stages, but the trend is clear – app data is moving to the cloud. The first category of apps to make the move were the notes apps such as Evernote. They had an obvious need – users had to have access to content from multiple devices.

Moving app data to the cloud has another advantage – apps will take up less space on our devices with the data in the cloud. The model for the future is to store the user interface on the device and the app data as well as minor updates in the cloud.

The Normalization of BYOD

Two years ago, BYOD was a big deal; not everyone had a (smart) mobile device. Today, the question is “how many mobile devices do you own.” We’re all developing our own mobile style; it’s a work in progress. The move to the consumer cloud is quietly pushing BYOD. As the consumer cloud populates, it makes more sense for people to use their device 24/7 – including at work. If consumers weren’t moving to the cloud, would enterprise even be entertaining the thought?

Enterprise Cloud – The Final Frontier

At Nubo, we believe 2014 is the year that enterprise will begin its long trek to the cloud. This will take a few years; it is a marathon and not a sprint. Enterprise is learning from the consumer cloud experience. While we understand the initial hesitation, there’s no avoiding the inevitable. Nubo is one of many enterprise solutions – of all sorts, not just BYOD – which are preparing the cloud for enterprise.