Zombies Chase Me on the Way Home From Nubo


By Asi Mugrabi - Mar-20-2014

I know they’re following me, so I run. I run like hell. I got to the point where I can easily outpace the slower zombies; it’s the fast ones that scare me.

If you come across a terrified face running with headphones, don’t be alarmed. It’s called “Zombies, Run!” – an app that motivates better than the toughest talking nutritionist. My workout was boring and I needed something to push me harder than a gym coach with a six pack on his chest. Zombie, Run transforms my workout into a fantasy story. It’s the perfect mix of two great things – RPG (role playing games) and exercise. It tracks my progress as I level up and keep my distance from gruesome looking zombies. The soundtrack is amazing – when I hear them closing in on me, my adrenaline kicks in and I set a new personal best. The expression on my face is haunting. I wonder what the old lady walking her dog thinks.

Zombie, Run! costs $3.99 on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Not all of my friends are into the zombie thing. At Nubo, a few of us use RunKeeper, another great exercise app. We share a leaderboard and chat about our progress at work. When I try a new route, RunKeeper remembers it so I can do it again. RunKeeper is free on both Google Play and the App Store.

MyFitnessPal has helped me to get rid of extra calories. It comes with a calorie counter so I know how much a tempting chocolate cake is worth. The more I run, the more it “lets” me eat. MyFitnessPal is also free for Android and iOS.


Exercise apps are much more motivating than self-help books and boring lectures. Adding a social aspect and fear factor have done wonders for my health. I love trying out the latest apps and it’s fun to share these experiences with friends. What will they think of next?

Gotta go, a pack of blood dripping zombies are grabbing my Nikes!