The ABC’s of BYOD


By Kenny Sahr - Feb-27-2014

Bring Your Own…

Apps – And whistle while you work!

Batteries – An external battery pack can be a lifesaver while on the road.

Connection – The company wifi comes with too many rules.

Device – Work with style!

External hard drive – Connect to your tablet and backup your data.

Firewall – Secure your devices!

Google account – Logout and login for after hours privacy.

Headphones – And listen to your favorite music at work.

IT – Support your device with a DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude.

Joystick – Play the latest tablet games!

Keyboard – A tablet keyboard can replace a clunky laptop.

Laptop – You buy it, you set the rules.

Mobility – Work from a beach cafe one day a week!

Native app – Insist IT provide you a real mobile experience.

OS – Bring your favorite flavor to work!

Privacy – Keep IT in the cloud and away from your device.

Quality time – Know when to go offline!

Router – Connect all of your devices with a mobile router.

Security – Now *you* are responsible for your data security!

Tether – Perfect for tablets without SIM cards.

USB hub – And plug in your USB fridge and other useful toys.

Virtual Desktop – Keeps work away from your device.

Wifi – Your home wifi is always faster.

Xbox – Kill zombies at work!

YouTube – Who needs cable TV?!

Zombie phone – When your company insists on giving you a smartphone.