You can’t steal what you can’t see!


By Michael Gagnon - Dec-20-2016

With all the risk associated with robbing a bank, bank robbers make sure the treasure is worth the effort. Robbers absolutely insure there is plenty of money in the vault, before they execute their “hit”. But you have to see what you are going to steal in order to make the heist successful!

What if the money they thought was there…is not? Not a good risk/return prospect for the robber but an ingenious strategy for the bank. When robbers learn that there is no money in the vault, there will be no robbery. As Jerry McGuire famously said, ” Show me the money”.

But what has this got to do with BYOD and CPOE mobile devices? Mobile devices rely on data in transit and data at rest to support full mobility enablement. REST API calls insure that local data caches have all the data needed for seamless & native experiences. Conventional mobile security practices rely on strong encryption, application wrapping, containers & MDM/EMM agents to negate threat vectors from inside and outside the organization. So far so good?

Without corporate data on a mobile device, what exactly is an attacker going to steal? Threat vectors and mobile device perimeters sink to zero when no data resides on the device or in transit. As it was with our Bank analogy, you cannot steal what you cannot see. If there is no data residing on a BYOD or any mobile enabled device, there is zero incentive for an attacker to engage in sophisticated vulnerability execution and hacking. No Data to see… No incentive to steal!

By using NUBO’s Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI), you leave no trace of data for attackers to exploit on any of your mobile devices. Zero data is required in Nubo powered sessions making them impervious to attack. VMI runs virtual Android mobile devices at scale in a secure AWS Cloud or Premise based platform. Mobile apps are streamed to an employee or contingent workers device using an intelligent remote display protocol that adapts to Wifi & Wireless connectivity/latency in real time.

Apps are mirrored to the local UI with a flat Nubo client compatible with iOS and Android OS’s providing a natural, seamless experience from anywhere employees work.

Point, Click, Work with “Intelligence Grade” security is Nubo VMI.

VMI platforms allows organizations to select any free, paid or custom Android app in the market. The sensitive nature of proprietary or client data no longer has to undermine mobility and constrict choice. Using Nubo VMI, work gets done where and when it needs to with no ability to hackers to compromise security because they cannot steal what they cannot see with Nubo VMI.

Employees & contingent workers have access to the most actionable knowledge in the organization because of VMI’s “Zero Data on Device” promise. B2E productivity & customer experience will experience incredible acceleration because the most relevant and contextual information is delivered to mobile devices without fear of compromise by the bad guys. Nubo VMI can power digitalization & transformation programs in ways traditional approaches cannot.

Nubo VMI creates a more simplified, secure and smarter approach mobility enablement by providing zero incentive for hackers to attack mobile devices that have “no money in the bank”.