Android Platform Engineer – Senior icon-career2

We are looking for a top-notch C++/Java developer, proficient in working with Linux systems, and with working knowledge
of the Android platform layers.


Requirements analysis, on-going research, design and development of server side code Developing, debugging, and testing Android and Linux framework libraries; working on diverse projects and branches on the Android project Unit test and system-wide test planning, coding, and execution.
Active participation in the Android development community.


Minimum 5 years of experience with Linux kernel internal development
Minimum 2 years of embedded development experience
Good understanding of hardware concepts, and strong hands-on experience in developing Linux device drivers in at least two of the following disciplines: graphics, input, and network Good understanding of the scheduler subsystem, graphics subsystem, and the way user accounts and permissions are enforced.
Experience in kernel and application performance tuning and resource optimization
Experience in working with the Linux kernel community or with the Android kernel community
Familiarity with open source development tools and methodology (git, gerrit, writing and testing patches, submitting code to upstream projects)
Android platform development (kernel, libraries, framework) – a huge plus
Proficiency in C and C++; excellent understanding and working experience of object oriented programming in both languages; Java is a plus
Proficiency in at least one scripting language (*sh, tcl,expect, python, perl, ruby) Working knowledge of display protocol internals (X11, RDP, VNC,etc.) – a plus
M.Sc specializing in operating systems or/and compiler practical research – a plus
Game development experience – a plus
Ability to learn new systems and techniques quickly – a must


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